Adamant bar
Adamant bar
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's an adamant bar.

The Adamant bar is the finished product after using an Adamantite ore on a Furnace with 70 Smithing. While smelting, the reward for smelting each adamantite ore into bars is 8,750 Coins. To ensure that you receive the gold, keep an inventory slot open while training. Adamant bar is also a common drop from high tier monsters and is also always dropped by the Adamant dragon.

Smithing Experience

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
19,000 xp 5,700 xp 1,900 xp 190 xp 38 xp

Smithing Table

Picture Level Name Bars required
Adamant dagger
70 Adamant dagger 1
Adamant axe
71 Adamant axe 1
Adamant mace
72 Adamant mace 1
Adamant med helm
73 Adamant helm 1
Adamant bolts 5
74 Adamant bolts 1
Adamant sword
74 Adamant sword 1
Adamant dart tip
74 Adamant dart tip 1
Adamant arrowheads 5
75 Adamant arrowheads 1
Adamant scimitar
75 Adamant scimitar 2
Adamant longsword
76 Adamant longsword 2
Adamant full helm
77 Adamant full helm 2
Adamant knife
77 Adamant knife 1
Adamant sq shield
78 Adamant sq shield 2
Adamant claws
78 Adamant claws 2
Adamant warhammer
79 Adamant warhammer 3
Adamant battleaxe
80 Adamant battleaxe 3
Adamant chainbody
81 Adamant chainbody 3
Adamant kiteshield
82 Adamant kiteshield 3
Adamant 2h sword
84 Adamant 2h sword 3
Adamant plateskirt
86 Adamant plateskirt 3
Adamant platelegs
86 Adamant platelegs 3
Adamant platebody
88 Adamant platebody 5

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