A bar is a metal item that is obtained by refining ore, but has not been made into armour or other items. Ores can by mined from various caverns across Soulsplit. Then, using ores on a furnace, the ores are refined into metal bars using the Smithing skill and granting a small amount of Smithing experience. Most uses of the bar are purely training purposes since the need for metal weapons and armour are not in high demand due to the accelerated experience rates of each game mode.

In a recent game update, though, bolts became smithable, adding an incentive to Smithing and allowing players to make Runite bolts, among other.

Coal is relatively useless in Smithing on Soulsplit. Only Steel bars require Coal to refine, while others only require the ore itself, excepting bronze; Bronze bars require one of both |Copper and Tin ore to be smelted together.

Image Name Requirement (lvl) Ores needed
Bronze-bar Bronze


Tin ore Tin ore Copper ore Copper ore
Iron-bar Iron bar


Iron ore Iron ore
Silver bar Silver bar


Silver ore Silver ore
Steel bar Steel bar


Iron ore 1 Iron ore CoalCoal ore
Gold bar Gold bar


Gold oreGold ore
Mithril bar


Mithril ore Mithril ore
Adamant bar


Adamant ore Adamant ore
Rune bar


Runite ore Runite ore

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