Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Gender Male
Sells items? Skilling supplies
Examine text An expert on axes.

Bob is an NPC who sells various skilling supplies. He can be found in Catherby or Neitiznot near the Neitiznot South Teleport (Skilling teleports > Neitiznot South).


Bob can be found in two easy to access places: Catherby in the fishing shop east of the Catherby bank and Catherby teleport, or Neitiznot South in the north-most building inside the town wall, just north of the Neitiznot South teleport.

Sold Items

Bob shop

From top left to right:
Row 1: Spade (3gp), Chisel (1gp), Hammer (1gp), Knife (6gp), Iron axe (56gp), Rune axe (12,800gp), Iron pickaxe (140gp), Rune pickaxe (32,000gp).
Row 2: Vial of water (2gp), Rune essence (4gp), Guam seed (4gp), Marrentill seed (5gp), Tarromin seed (7 gp), Harralander seed (12gp), Ranarr seed (19gp), Toadflax seed (34gp).
Row 3: Irit seed (64gp), Avantoe seed (64gp), Kwuarm seed (64gp), Snapdragon seed (64gp), Cadantine seed (64gp), Lantadyme seed (64gp), Dwarf weed seed (64gp), Torstol seed (64gp).
Row 4: Uncut sapphire (25gp), Uncut emerald (50gp), Uncut ruby (100gp), Uncut diamond (200gp), Uncut dragonstone (1,000gp), Gold bar (300gp), Needle (1gp), Small fishing net (5gp).
Row 5: Harpoon (5gp), Lobster pot (20gp), Thread (1gp), Needle (1gp), Glassblowing pipe (2gp), Soda ash (2gp).

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