Cape of Legends
Legends cape
AKA? Legends Cape
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine text It's some cape of legends

The Cape of Legends is a special cape for players who are playing on Legends Mode. The only way to obtain this is by selecting the Legends mode. It is considered by many to be superior to the Fire Cape because of its more effective attack bonuses.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
None Cape slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +6 +11
Slash +6 +11
Crush +6 +11
Magic +7 +11
Range +7 +11
Special bonuses
Strength +2
Prayer +2
Cape of legends equipped modern
A player wearing a cape of legends

How to obtain

  • A player obtains a Cape of Legends as part of their starter kit once they select the Legends Mode.
  • The Cape of Legends can be retrieved from the Legends guard near the Lumbridge graveyard free of charge.


  • The Cape of Legends can be compared to the Fire Cape as its Strength bonus is similar. 
  • Members save this cape upon death as well as the Fire Cape, however, if a player is not a Member then they must decrease their risk so they can keep their Fire Cape, unlike the Cape of Legends.


  • The Cape of legends is a popular cape used in both PvP (Player vs Player) and also for PvM (Player vs Monster).
  • The Cape is not a common choice for Ranging, as the Ava's Accumulator will pick up your used Bolts/Arrows/Ranging equipment.
  • The Cape is not a common choice of Magic users as a player can easily go to the Mage Bank and collect a Saradomin Cape, Guthix Cape or Zamorak Cape, which are currently (in collidance with the Completionists Cape) the best capes for Magic bonus.
  • The Cape of Legends requires no skills/stats to wield.
  • The Cape of Legends is untradeable.
  • Only the players who select the Legends mode can have the cape.
  • The cape can be re-obtained from the Legends guard in Lumbridge.