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Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Fishing , Woodcutting, and Farming
Accessibility Skills Teleport
Catherby map

Catherby is a small fishing town that is off the coast of the ocean. This location became popular due to its numerous skilling opportunities. Woodcutting, Fishing, and Farming are the three skills that can be trained here. The town is south-east of Camelot, which can be teleported to from the City teleport spell located in all spellbooks.

There are several aspects that draw players to this town. These include full fishing spots, where the player can try to catch any type of fish. For those who first start out fishing, there is Bob who sells fishing equipments to aid players with the fishing skill. The player can then decide to either sell it to Claus the chef or save it for other uses. Located right next to the city's bank, the Catherby range is a quick cooking route to those that want to achieve better cooking.

The Farming spots in Catherby are a popular spot to train Farming. To the north of Catherby lies a large patch that is used in Farming. There are two allotment patches for growing vegetables, one herb patch for growing various herbs used in Herblore and one flower patch for growing flowers.

To the west of the city, is an abundance of woodcutting trees that range from normal trees to most desired Magic tree.

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