Cave Slimes are not to be confused with another NPC such as Jelly.

Cave slime
Cave slime
Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 23
Monster HP 25
Always Drops Swamp tar
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Magic
Approximate Capture Kills 84
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon20
Examine text A foul-smelling blob of protoplasm.

Cave Slimes are weak NPCs that are commonly defeated due to Slayer tasks. Lower-levelled players are also found to be training on Cave Slimes occasionally.


Cave slimes are located in the Slayer Caves To get there, a player can choose "Dungeon Teleport" from their spellbook.

They drop low level clue scrolls.

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
Swamp tarSwamp tar 1 1 Always
Unlit torchUnlit torch 1 2 Common
Bronze full helmBronze full helm 1 2 Common
Iron swordIron sword 1 2 Common
Iron kiteshieldIron kiteshield 1 2 Common
Grimy marrentillGrimy marrentill 1 2 Common
Grimy tarrominGrimy tarromin 1 2 Common
Grimy guamGrimy guam 1 2 Common
CoinsCoins 44 2 Common
Bronze hatchetBronze hatchet 1 2 Common
Clue scrollClue scroll 1 4 Rare
Body runeBody rune 7 4 Rare
Earth runeEarth rune 5 4 Rare
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed 1 4 Rare
Grimy kwuarmGrimy kwuarm 1 4 Rare
Nature talismanNature talisman 1 4 Rare

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