Chaotic equipment

Chaotic equipment (from top left to bottom right): Chaotic longsword, Chaotic maul, Chaotic staff, Chaotic crossbow, Chaotic kiteshield, Chaotic rapier.

Chaotic equipment, also commonly referred to as "Chaotics", are a set of six items bought either with Dungeoneering tokens, or with Credits.

Each Chaotic costs 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens or 9,999 shop Credits.

Chaotic equipment is now degradeable but can be repaired by using it on the Weird Old Man .

The items

The six Chaotic items are as follows (see each page for more detailed information):

Chaotic longsword: A hard-hitting sword, hitting faster than the maul. Rivals the Chaotic Rapier. 

Chaotic maul: The hardest-hitting Chaotic, the maul is for those who want to inflict massive damage in fewest hits. The Chaotic maul is also the slowest weapon, but most effective. 

Chaotic staff: An excellent option for mages, provides one the best mage bonuses for a weapon slot in the game. 

Chaotic crossbow: The best crossbow in SoulSplit, the Chaotic crossbow offers a massive Ranged attack bonus, putting it ahead of the Rune crossbow as the best crossbow and one of the best Ranged weapons available.

Chaotic rapier: The fastest Chaotic melee weapon, the Chaotic rapier delivers many quick stabs while still inflicting large amounts damage. It is a choice of weapon for those who want to inflict quick and accurate amounts of damage to their foes.

Chaotic Kiteshield : A kiteshield with a really high defense, it is rarely used in-game because there are other options such as the Dragonfire shield or the Divine Spirit Sheild. 

Farseer Kiteshield : A kiteshield used by mages, it has high mage attack bonus as well as a decent overall defence bonus. 

Eagle-Eye Shield : A shield used by archers, this shield provides great Range bonuses as well as a decent defence bonus, it is not seen often in-game. 

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