Coordinates are a set of Latitude and Longitude that correspond to the landscape of SoulSplit. These challenges are one of the harder clues to solve as they require a using either the Sextant or using a third-party program to locate the locations.

Coordinate Location Photo

09 degrees 48 minutes north 

17 degrees 39 minutes east 

West of the Edgeville Monastery in the Ice Mountain Clue-Edgevile Ice Mountain-Location
00 degrees 13 minutes north----

13 degrees 15 minutes east

East of the Volcano in Karamja Clue-00.13-13.15
14 degrees 54 minutes north----

09 degrees 13 minutes east

Just west of the swaying tree near Relleka Clue-Swinging tree-Location
07 degrees 33 minutes north----

15 degrees 0 minutes east

South eastern tip of Taverly in the peninsula Clue-Lady of the Lake-Location

17 degrees 50 minutes north 

08 degrees 30 minutes east

On the right side of the rock crabs training area in Relleka

A Saradomin wizard will attack you upon digging here.


Relleka clue

13 degrees 46 minutes north

21 degrees 01 minutes east

North of the Zamorak Mage that is north Edgeville.

A Zamorak wizard will attack you upon digging here.


Level 11 Wildy clue

16 degrees 43 minutes north 

19 degrees 13 minutes east

Northeast of the wilderness teleport: West Hybridding. 

A Zamorak wizard will attack you upon digging here.


Bandit Camp Clue

16 degrees 35 minutes north

27 degrees 01 minutes east

Just east of the Clan Wars Official teleport.

Warning: There is a Frost Dragon and it is Multi-combat. So be careful of pkers and the Dragon.


Clan Wars Clue

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