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Clue detail
Clue Scroll
Clue scroll
AKA? Clue, Treasure Trail, CS
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No

Clue scrolls are random rewards from killing monsters and reward random items. The player can only have one clue scroll at a time inside their inventory.

There are three different types of scrolls available to the player. The higher levels of scrolls have harder challenges ahead to the adventurer, but yield better rewards.

Tiers of Clue ScrollsEdit

Current BugsEdit

  • You cannot get into the citric cellar.
  • You cannot go upstairs in any building clues take you to.
  • Sometimes, puzzle boxes are glitched. Tiles are incorrectly placed making solving the puzzle impossible (You have only one option to solve this - to drop puzzle box untill you get different one and start over)
  • There are no barbarians in the game to drop a key to open a chest.
  • Seers' Village anvil house cracked wall is broken.
  • Sometimes when you recieve a clue, you won't be able to read it.
  • You cannot climb up the stairs in falador range.
  • Miscellania map is broken.
  • Can't climb the stairs in the west Ardougne house.
  • There are no monks at the Ardougne Monastery.
  • Captain Tobias in Port Sarim does not exist.
  • Speak to William doesn't work (the anagram one does)
  • Impossible to get to the Light House
  • For co-ordinate clues, sometimes the sextant is broken.
  • Some clues are impossible because you cannot reach them.


  • Some of the locations given from the scrolls are not accessible.
  • Ring of wealth does NOT affects what loots you get.
  • You cannot drop any clue scrolls, although you can low/high alch it, if it's glitched

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