When receiving a clue scroll, it is currently impossible to tell if the user has gotten either a hard scroll, or a easy scroll. When attempting to complete the scrolls, the participant might be asked more trivial type questions and/or more riddles. Upon receiving the end of the scroll trail, the player will receive a casket that will allow the user to receive rare items, or useless items.


There's a good chance you'll receive scrolls with tasks that are CURRENTLY impossible to do in-game. So take this into consideration before you set out to complete a clue scroll. The Caskets you aquired may be opened and you will receive another clue scroll this has no meaning just luck based.

Dropping monsters


Clue Scroll level 3.1

Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part one, From Jayarrowz

Clue Scroll level 3.2

Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part two, From Jayarrowz

Clue Scroll level 3.3

Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part three, From Jayarrowz

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