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The Soulsplit Credit shop is a vast item and status shop. Using real world money, players can buy various items (Godswords, Claws, 100m Cash stack, etc.) and member's status. Players can purchase credits using various payment methods including:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • SMS/Phone call

After purchasing items from the shop, visit Aemad at Varrock general store or choose Reclaim Shop Purchases from your Soulsplit Extras button in Soulsplit's client.

Note: Items purchased from the credit shop will go directly to your bank, with the exception of the cash stack, which will go to your vault. And note: Sometimes; if you want to get items, you might as well grind for it, not pay for it. Its a waste of money.

Credit Card/PayPal

Buying credits using a credit card allows the player to select larger increments of credits to purchase. There is no incentive to buy through credit cards but this method is faster than using the SMS or phone call method.

Credit shop Credit Card

SMS/Phone call

Buying credits through phone or SMS takes more time to complete and any carrier charges can apply. The credit buying options for this selection is reduced because the prices for sending and retrieving can be a hassle for both sides. One difference between credit card and phone methods is the incentives. When buying Credits through the Phone option, SoulSplit will award the player with a mystery box.

Credit shop Phone


  • Make sure to sign in
  • You will get a confirmation email and/or confirmation phone call
  • There are various membership packages such as Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum:

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