Dagannoth kings
Dagannoth kings
Monster Information
Also called Dag kings
Attack Style Melee, Ranged and Magic
Members? No
Combat level 303
Monster HP 255
Always Drops Dagannoth bones, Dagannoth hide
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? Melee, Ranged and Magic
Approximate Capture Kills N/A
Capture Requirements Summoning-iconN/A
Examine text A legendary dagannoth king, rumoured to fly on the North winds.

The Dagannoth kings are a group of 3 high-level dagannoths that are located deep within the Waterbirth dungeon. They are each level 303 and are aggressive when the protect from attack Prayer is not on. They use and are vulnerable to 3 different styles of Combat attacks, which are Melee, Ranged and Magic. These monsters are sought for their rare combat ring drops along with Dagganoth bones.

Name Attack Style Weakness
Dagannoth Rex Attack Magic
Dagannoth Supreme Ranged Attack
Dagannoth Prime Magic Ranged

Notable Drops

Dagannoth Rex

Item Quantity Rarity
Fremennik helmFremennik helm 1 2 Common
Fremennik shieldFremennik shield 1 2 Common
Rock-shell plateRock-shell plate 1 2 Common
Rock-shell legsRock-shell legs 1 2 Common
Berserker ringBerserker ring 1 4 Rare
Warrior ringWarrior ring 1 4 Rare
Dragon axeDragon axe 1 4 Rare

Dagannoth Prime

Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon axeDragon axe 1 4 Rare
Seers' ringSeers' ring 1 4 Rare
Skeletal topSkeletal top 1 4 Rare
Skeletal bottomsSkeletal bottoms 1 4 Rare
Mud battlestaffMud battlestaff 1 4 Rare

Dagannoth Supreme

Item Quantity Rarity
SeercullSeercull 1 4 Rare
Dragon axeDragon axe 1 4 Rare
Archers' ringArchers' ring 1 4 Rare
Spined bodySpined body 1 4 Rare
Spined chapsSpined chaps 1 4 Rare

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