Defence cape (t) equipped (HD)

Defence is one of the least popular combat skills on Soulsplit. This skill is very important because it decreases the likelihood of having damage done to you and it is required for wearing most armours. Defence can be leveled up to 99. To gain Defence experience a player needs to set his combat style to "Block" on any melee weapon including fists. The skill defence is not trained by players who call themselves 1 defence pures.

It should be noted, unlike common beliefs, The Defence skill DOES NOT reduce the damage you take from NPC's or other Players, it only reduces the amount of times you will get hit by them factoring in their attack level.

Levels and Milestones

Certain Defence levels are required to equip armour. The table below will show you what defence levels are needed.

Armour Level           
Bronze armour 1
Iron armour 1
Iron platebody inv
Steel armour 5
Steel platebody
Black armour 10
Black plate
Mithril armour 20
Mith plate
Corrupt Vesta  20
Vesta's chainbody1
Adamant armour 30
Addy plate
Rune armour 40
20111017044647!Rune platebody
Dragon armour 60
Bandos armour 65
Bandos chestplate
Barrow's armour 70
Dharok's platebody
Dragonfire shield 75
Dragonfire shield
Nex armour 80
Torva platebody
Vanguard armour 85
Skill mastery 99 Defence cape detail

Potion/Prayer Boosts

The Defence skill, like all the combat skills, can be boosted temporarily. Boosting a skill requires a specific object or prayer. The items and prayers listed below can boost your defence.

Item Effect
Defence potion(3) Defence Potion Level increased by 3 +10%
Super defense potion Super Defence Potion Level increased by 5 + 15%
Overload (4) Overload Potion Level increased by 5 + 15%
Defence cape detail Defence Skillcape  (requires 99 to wear)
Prayer/Curses Level Effect
Thick-skin Thick Skin (Payer) 4 5% Level increase
Rock skin Rock Skin (Prayer) 13 10% Level increase
Steel skin Steel Skin (Prayer) 31 15% Level increase
Chivalry prayer Chivalry (Prayer) 60 20% Level increase
Arthur piety Piety (Prayer) 70 25% Level increase
Curse leech defence Leech Defence (Curse) 82 5% Increasing to 10% Level increase (Over Time)
Turmoil (Curse) 95 15% Level increase +15% of Enemy's level

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