This quest involves dialogue by Doric and the player.

Starting the Quest

  • Doric: "What are you doing here."
  • Player: "I want to use your anvils."
  • Doric: "My anvils get enough work with my own use. I make pickaxes, and it takes a lot of hard work. If you could get me some materials, then i could let you use them."

After accepting quest

  • Doric: "Clay is used more then anything, to make casts. Could you get me 6 clay, 4 copper ore and 2 iron ore, please? I could pay a little, and let you use my anvils. You can get clay from the crafting guild north of falador Copper and iron ore are obtainable via falador mine."
  • Player: "Alright, I'll be right back."

Returning with supplies

  • Doric: "Have you obtained 6 clay, 4 copper, and 2 iron ore?"

If you do not have all the materials:

  • Player: "No not yet"
  • Doric: "Alright."

If you do have all the materials:

  • Player:

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