Dragon Scimitar
Dragon scimitar
AKA? D Scim
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a Dragon Scimitar.

The Dragon Scimitar is used often by players because of it's low attack requirement and strength bonus. Players must have 60 attack to wield the Dragon Scimitar. To obtain the Dragon Scimitar, players may purchase it from Zeke's shop for 100,000 coins. Also, they may purchase a Magic Box from Giles 's store and select Maging/Melee Set to obtain a Dragon Scimitar. It is common to see pure accounts using the Dragon Scimitar for Pking or melee training. Using the slash attack style and having high strength will increase the effectiveness of the Dragon Scimitar.

Special Attack

The Dragon Scimitar has a special attack that requires 50% special attack energy. When it successfully hits opponents, their protection prayers will be disabled for 5 seconds. This is very useful for Pking or damaging players in Minigames.


Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Weapon slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +8 -
Slash +67 +1
Crush -2 -
Magic - -
Range - -
Special bonuses
Strength +67
Prayer -


  • Dragon Scimitar special to another special attack weapon is used for rushing players.
  • Players have damaged NPCs/other players with 40s from normal attacks with the Dragon Scimitar!

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