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This article is about the Dungeoneering skill. For information on how to train Dungeoneering, see Dungeoneering Training.

Dungeoneering is a skill on Soulsplit that consists of the exploring of dungeons and killing monsters. It is one of the most popular skills on Soulsplit, and the only skill that you can train up to 120, which is 104 million experience in total. When exploring one of the floors, players need to find keys, kill monsters and bosses. Players can also earn Combat experience when playing. Unlike on Runescape, Soulsplit only supports solo-play. This may be changed at a later date.


Dungeoneering can be started by talking to the Dungeoneering master. He is located in several locations, the quickest way to get to the Dungeoneering master is by teleporting to the Lumbridge yaks. 

Starting a dungeon

Players can start the Dungeoneering by talking to the Dungeoneering master. But before they do that, they need to un-equip everything and dismiss any familiars. After you have done so, choose one of the following floors:

  • Small floor 1 (Level 1)
  • Large floor 2 (Level 2)*
  • Hard floor 3 (Level 70)
  • Small floor 4 (Level 80)*
  • Large floor 5 (Level 90)*

These floors are currently unavailable.*

After you have selected a floor, you spawn in a dungeon and need to wait 10 seconds before you can start. After the 10 seconds are up, you can freely walk around. You also spawn with the following default gear:

To get Combat potions and food players can click on the sarcophagi that are around the spawn area, in the hard floor players must click on the boxes that are scattered around the main area and spawn area to receive the items.


The main objective is to kill any monster you see to progress to the next room. After all monsters are killed, players need to fight the boss to finish the floor.


There are currently 2 floors in Soulsplit:

Small floor 1

The easiest floor with the most monsters, but the monsters are really easy to kill.

Hard floor 3

The hardest floor, floor with less monsters than small floor 1, but the monsters have alot of Hitpoints.

Binding items

Players can bind items that they receive as a monster drop, to do so right click the item and click on 'Bind'

To unbind items, right click the item you want to unbind and click on 'Destroy'.

Players can only bind up to 5 items. Currently there is a bug that prevents the player from binding spears.

Dungeoneering equipment

There are 11 different tiers of equipment in Dungeoneering for each attack style of Melee, Magic, and Ranged.

Melee Requirements

Tier Image Name Defence Attack
1 Novite full helm Novite Defence  1 1
2 Bathus Defence  10 10
3 Marmaros Defence  20 20
4 Kratonite Defence  30 30
5 Fractite Defence  40 40
6 Zephyrium Defence  50 50
7 Argonite Defence  60 60
8 Katagon Defence  70 70
9 Gorgonite Defence  80 90
10 Promethium Defence  90 90
11 Primal Defence  99 99

Magic Requirements

Magic Armor

Tier Image Name Defence
1 Salve Defence  1
2 Wildercress Defence  10
3 Blightleaf Defence  20
4 Roseblood Defence  30
5 Bryll Defence  40
6 Duskweed Defence  50
7 Soulbell Defence  60
8 Ecto Defence  70
9 Runic Defence  80
10 Spiritbloom Defence  90
11 Celestial Defence  99

Magic staves

Tier Image Name Magic
1 Tangle gum Magic icon 1
2 Seeping elm Magic icon 10
3 Blood spindle Magic icon 20
4 Utuku Magic icon 30
5 Spinebeam Magic icon 40
6 Bovistrangler Magic icon 50
7 Thigat Magic icon 60
8 Corpsethorn Magic icon 70
9 Entgallow Magic icon 80
10 Grave creeper Magic icon 90
11 Celestial catalytic Magic icon 99

Ranged Requirements

Ranged Armor

Tier Image Name Defence
1 Protoleather Defence  1
2 Subleather Defence  10
3 Paraleather Defence  20
4 Archleather Defence  30
5 Dromoleather Defence  40
6 Spinoleather Defence  50
7 Gallileather Defence  60
8 Stegoleather Defence  70
9 Megaleather Defence  80
10 Tyrannoleather Defence  90
11 Sagittarian Defence  99

Ranged Weapons

Tier Image Name Ranged
1 Tangle gum Ranged icon  1
2 Seeping elm Ranged icon  10
3 Blood spindle Ranged icon  20
4 Utuku Ranged icon  30
5 Spinebeam Ranged icon  40
6 Bovistrangler Ranged icon  50
7 Thigat Ranged icon  60
8 Corpsethorn Ranged icon  70
9 Entgallow Ranged icon  80
10 Grave creeper Ranged icon  90
11 Sagittarian Ranged icon  99


  • A clue scroll can drop from these monsters, but you cannot keep scroll. This bug should be fixed within the next several updates.

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