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This article lists all the items that can be bought at the Dungeoneering Shop with Dungeoneering tokens. Information about training the Dungeoneering skill can be found in the Dungeoneering article.

Completing dungeons or claiming Reward tokens both give the player Dungeoneering reward tokens. The amount of tokens received from dungeons range from 1,000 (low level dungeon) to roughly 15,000 (high level dungeon), the amount received all depends on the amount of monsters killed and the chosen dungeon. Reward tokens give 10,000 tokens after using them.


Dungeoneering master

To open the Dungeoneering Shop, players will have to choose the option "Open Token Shop" when right clicking the Dungeoneering Master. He can be found in front of Varrock castle, as well as near the Lumbridge yaks in a small building.



Dungeoneering Shop

At this point, players are not able to purchase all of the items that are listed in the reward shop. The table below will only show the items that can currently be purchased by the players.

Item Tokens Dungeoneering Level Other levels Description

Dungeoneering Experience

1 1

Experience purchased

at a 1:1 ratio (currently states not for sale when left-clicked)

Arcane stream necklace 30,000 70 70 Magic A necklace that provides Magic bonuses.
Gravite rapier 40,000 45 45 Attack It's a gravite rapier.
Gravite longsword 40,000 45 45 Attack It's a gravite longsword.
Gravite 2h sword 40,000 45 45 Attack

It's a gravite 2h sword.

Tome of frost 30,000 48 48 Magic Magic book that supplies the player with unlimited Water runes once equiped.
Mercenary gloves 48,500 73 73 Ranged Gloves that provide the highest Ranged bonus in the game.
Ring of vigour 50,000 62 62 Attack Special attacks will cost 10% less energy while the player has this ring equipped.
Scroll of rigour 140,000 74 74 Prayer Scroll that grants the player the ability to use the Rigour prayer which is found on the normal Prayer book.
Scroll of augury 153,000 77 77 Prayer Scroll that grants the player the ability to use the Augury prayer which is found on the normal Prayer book.
Chaotic rapier 200,000 80 80 Attack It's a chaotic rapier.
Chaotic longsword 200,000 80 80 Attack It's a chaotic longsword.
Chaotic maul 200,000  80 80 Attack It's a chaotic maul.
Chaotic crossbow 200,000 80 80 Ranged It's a chaotic crossbow.
Chaotic staff 200,000 80 80 Magic It's a chaotic staff.
Chaotic kiteshield 175,000 80 80 Defence Melee-based shield, having strong melee and ranged defensive bonuses.
Eagle-eye kiteshield 175,000 80 80 Defence Ranged-based shield, having strong ranged offensive and magic defensive bonuses.
Farseer kiteshield 175,.000 80 80 Defence Magic-based shield, having strong magic offensive bonuses.
Bonecrusher 34,000 1 While a player has this item in their inventory, the bones that normally would have been dropped by a monster will automatically be buried, giving the player Prayer XP equal to as if the bones were used on an altar.
Summoning Ring 120,000 1 Automatically picks up charms from monster that you kill.


Though there are many items to choose from within the shop, not all of them are available to buy.

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