Falador Dungeon

Falador Cave

The Falador Cave, also known as the Dwarven Mines, is a site located beneath Falador, run by the Dwarven population of the city. This site is renowned for its mining facilities and also for the monster, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer, for its notable drop(s). The cave can be accessed by using the Dungeon teleport and selecting the Dwarven Mines (Falador) option on the 2nd page. 


This site is widely chosen for mining purposes over the likes of North Neitiznot due to the fact that it has a lot more ore to mine, and just as much variety. With ores such as gold, copper, tin, iron, coalmithril and adamantite being very abundant, it is ideal for Mining.

Ore Amount
Tin 10
Copper 7
Iron 9
Coal 11
Gold 2
Mithril 2
Adamantite 3

The cave is generally noticed for its iron rocks and adamant rocks as there are many located closely in the South/South-Western part of the cave. Out of interest, one may want to try Smithing here. Although there is no furnace to smelt ores, there is an anvil near the north-central area of the Dwarven Mine that can be used for smithing tools and equipment.


Within the cave are monsters called Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers; they are noted for their fairly rare drops but also as a site in which many can train due to the fact that there are many of them in the area. Their rare drop is the Dragon pickaxe; it is the only place to obtain the tool (other than buying it from other players). There is also a chance to get a Hand Cannon drop from them.

Cannoneers are easy targets for attaining combat experience due to their low defence and their ranged attacks that may be prayed against to be fully protected from damage.

Resource dungeon

One of the few Resource dungeons in existence on Soulsplit is located directly west of the player's spawn point in the Dwarven mines; its Mysterious entrance is surrounded by a few mithril and iron rocks.

Inside the Resource dungeon contain ores of the same variation as the Dwarven, ranging from tin to adamantite. However, the Resource dungeon should be noted for its abundance of adamantite ores, 11 counted.

Note: Resource dungeons are accessible for members only.


  • The Mining guild is an inaccessible section of the Dwarven mines.

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