Fire rune
Fire rune
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Examine text It's a fire rune.
Fire runes are used in the Magic skill for many spells in the Ancient spellbook, and in the Standard spellbook.


  • Fire runes are dropped by a large amount of monsters, see the Drop list for more information.
  • Buying them off other players, see the Market for the current price.
  • Buying them from Zaff
  • They are received as a fairly common loot from the Barrows chest.
  • Revenants drop them in large stacks (up to and over 500).


Chaos runes are needed in certain combat spells and some other non-combat spells.

Spells Spellbook
Fire strike Standard
Low level alchemy Standard
Fire bolt Standard
Superheat item Standard
Lvl-3 enchant Standard
Iban blast Standard
High level alchemy Standard
Fire blast Standard
Saradomin strike Standard
Claws of Guthix Standard
Flames of Zamorak Standard
Charge fire orb Standard
Fire wave Standard
Charge Standard
Lvl-6 enchant Standard
Smoke Burst Ancient
Smoke Blitz Ancient
Smoke barrage Ancient


  • Some Magic spells that use the Chaos rune currently do not work. It is not known if these spells will ever be fixed.

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