This article is about the best way to fish Rocktails. For information on the skill Fishing please visit the main page here.

Fishing Rocktails is the best method of training from the levels 90-99 and are commonly used to train to 200m experience. You'll recieve different xp rates depending on your game mode. To get there, look at the guide below this text. To fish rocktails a Harpoon(Catherby) or Small Fishing Net(Relleka)  is required.

RockTails are fished South-West of rockcrabs (Requires Completion of Rellekan Dispute), or the Catherby Fishing Area.

To get to Catherby, go to Skill Teleports > View Page 2 > Catherby
To get to rockcrabs, go to Training Teleport > Rock Crabs
Spell book
You'll be faced with this


Rocktails heal 230 of your current Hitpoints. Eating rocktail


  • Rocktails are a great source of money for skillers.

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