Flax provides Crafting experience when used on a spinning wheel when you create a bowstring.  It is quite a useful item because once it is strung into bowstring, it allows you to string bows which will provide Fletching experience. The field south-east of Seers' Village provides a spinning wheel on the way to the bank. This makes it easier for players to turn their flax into bowstrings quicker and more efficiently. 



Lunar Isle Flax field


Minimap of the Lunar Isle Flax field

  • South West of the Camelot teleport/ South of Seers' Village.

Seer's Village Flax field


Minimap of the Seer's Village Flax field


3 Flax located further South of Seer's Village


Minimap showing the three flax South of Seer's Village.

Uses/Places to use.

  • Flax is used to make bowstrings.
  • Lumbridge Castle, second floor.
  • Seer's Village (Camelot teleport).

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