The Full Slayer Helmet is the upgraded form of the Slayer Helmet. This helmet can be made from adding a Hexcrest and a Focus Sight to the regular Slayer Helmet variant 'you need both together to add them'. When attaching the add-on to the Slayer Helmet, the combined item will have the same bonuses even if one of the add-ons is not attached. This helmet is placed in the helmet slot and adds adequate bonuses if you are on your Slayer monster task. That being said, this helmet is more useful than its normal counterpart due to this helmet offers Magic and Ranged bonuses to the addition to the Slayer Helmet.

Full slayer helmet
20120307003236!Full slayer helmet
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a full slayer helmet
Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Head slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab - +30
Slash - +32
Crush - +27
Magic +3 +10
Range +3 +30
Special bonuses
Strength -
Prayer -

Ways to obtain.


  • Back in the day when a Slayer helmet was tradeable it was worth around 110m.
  • It has incredibly good Melee stats which makes it very good for doing lots of combat related things.