General Graardor
Monster Information
Also called Bandos
Attack Style Melee. Range.
Members? No
Combat level 624
Monster HP 255 or 2,550
Always Drops N/A
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? Slash
Approximate Capture Kills Unknown
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon99
Examine text A huge war chief.

General Graardor is the leader of the Bandos faction inside the God Wars Dungeon, he is the last serving member of the Ourg species, an Ogre like species which was decimated during the God Wars. General Graardor has 3 minions: Sergeant Grimspike, Steelwill and Strongstack. Each of them whom use a different attack style, but all will drop a bandos piece. They use Range, Melee, and Magic attacks to help defend General Graardor. 


General Graardor can be found within the Bandos camp inside the God Wars Dungeon , this can be located by speaking to Bailey who resides near the teleport spot. To enter the room you will need kill 5 Bandos minions.

How to Defeat

The primary focus of your damage should be towards the General himself as he is able to deal the most amount of damage, the damage output of his minions is insignificant to Graardor. The General has 255 hitpoints or 2,550 if you are playing on the Extreme mode. After defeating the General, it is advised to target Sergeant Steelwill then Strongstack before proceeding to finish off Sergeant Grimspike.


  • His minions make it very hard to protect against all of them; a popular option is to use ranged attacks with protected melee prayer.

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