Godsword blade
A Godsword blade is a hiltless blade of a godsword created by fusing godsword shards 1, 2, and 3 together, requiring a Smithing level of 80.

The completed blade may then be attached to one of the four hilts obtained in the God Wars Dungeon.

Hilts attachable

Armadyl hilt
Armadyl Hilt: A completed blade can make this hilt an Armadyl Godsword.

Saradomin hilt
Saradomin Hilt: A completed blade can make this hilt an Saradomin Godsword.

Zamorak hilt
Zamorak Hilt: A completed blade can make this hilt an Zamorak Godsword.

Bandos hilt
andos Hilt: A completed balde can make this hilt an Bandos Godsword.

Smithing two different shards of the blade together grants a variety of Smithing experience depending on a player's game mode. The experience granted for forging a complete Godsword blade with all 3 shards will be the experience given from forging two together, multiplied by 2.


Though expensive, the most popular godsword is the Armadyl Godsword, due to its special attack being much more damaging than the special attacks of the other godswords. Players disregard the other godswords for use in combat.

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