Gravite Rapier
Gravite rapier
AKA? Grav Rap


Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a gravite rapier.
Gravite rapier detail
The Gravite Rapier is a reward from Dungeoneering. You may purchase one for 40,000 tokens from the Dungeoneering Master found north of Lumbridge and in Varrock palace. In order to wield the Gravite rapier, you will need 45 Attack and 45 Dungeoneering.


The Gravite Rapier is a fast hitting weapon, like the Chaotic Rapier. It has a better Strength bonus than a Rune Scimitar, and has a high Stab bonus, making it one of the best weapons to use for PvP if you're under 60 Attack.

For low-leveled PK'ing, this weapon is often used in conjunction with the Gravite 2h Sword, the fast attack speed allows the 2h to hit instantly after the Rapier, allowing for a massive hit; especially effective against pures of a low defence.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Weapon slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +50 -
Slash +9 +1
Crush -3 -
Magic - -
Range - -
Special bonuses
Strength +48
Prayer -
20110425014334!Gravite rapier equipped
A player wielding a gravite rapier


Some people compare the Gravite rapier and the Chaotic rapier because of it's similar speed and uses that it gives players who use to train the skill Slayer or to PvM.

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