Members: Yes
Trap: Box trap
Loot: Grenwall spikes x2
HunterHunter level: 77
Location: Ape Atoll
Examine text A spiny creature.

Grenwall is a tiny porcupine monster which is hunted for its spikes. Upon catching the monster, it gives a reward of two Grenwall spikes, making it a hotspot for hunter training. Getting a base experience of 700 for Extreme game mode, it yields double the amount of Hunter experience per catch than Carnivorous chinchompas and is a fast way to level up hunter compared to the most other training methods.


They are native to Ape Atoll and can be found roaming in the tall grass past the Bamboo gate located to the western forested area. The gated area of Ape Atoll can only be opened by being a member.


Box trap is the only equipment you need along with 77 Hunter. One can buy a trap for 32 coins by talking to Aleck either in Ape Atoll, Lumbridge or in Edgeville

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
350,000 xp 105,000 xp 35,000 xp 3,500 xp 700 xp

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