Guthan's equipment
Barrows guthan's set
AKA? Guthan's
Members? No.
Quest items? No.
Tradeable? Yes.
Stackable? No.
Credit Price? 999Cr.
Examine text It's a barrows - Guthan's set.

Guthan's equipment

Guthan's the Infested is one of the six Barrows brothers, the guthan's armor is very strong in PvM. This equipment is good for PvM due to its ability to drain enemies hp & add it to the players hp who is using it. This armor was more known for killing NPC's at Fight Caves for tokkul. Guthan's is one of the more defensive barrows equipment.

Set Effect

Guthan's armor effect is healing over time. The effect works well on various types of bosses or npcs. Like most other Barrows equipment, this is used for PvM mainly. The effect can be useful when soloing a boss, or just generally fighting a hard boss.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Sets404
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +77 +265
Slash +77 +263
Crush +77 +247
Magic -50 -11
Range -19 +282
Special bonuses
Strength +77
Prayer -
Guthans armour equipped


  • The effect is used for pvm & hardly ever seen in pvp.
  • The healing for this armor is at random times, and does not heal when you would expect it to or want it to.

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