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Herblore is a skill that allows players to make potions. This is one of the harder and more expensive skills on Soulsplit, as it requires the player to get a lot of secondary ingredients to train the skill efficiently. As one goes higher in level and can make more potions, this skill can be profitable by selling the potions.


Herbs are mostly acquired in their grimy state, whether from farming, monster drops or rewards from puzzles. They need to be cleaned in order to be used in the potion making process, though each herb requires a certain Herblore level to clean. You gain experience from both creating the potion and cleaning the herb.

List of Herbs

Grimy herb Level Exp (Sir) Exp (Lord) Exp (Legend) Exp (Extreme)
Grimy guam Grimy guam 1 3,500 350 35 7
Grimy marrentill Grimy marrentill 5 5,500 550 55 11
Grimy tarromin Grimy tarromin 11 7,500 750 75 15
Grimy harralander Grimy harralander 20 9,000 900 90 18
Grimy ranarr Grimy ranarr 25 11,000 1,100 110 22
Grimy toadflax Grimy toadflax 30 12,000 1,200


Grimy irit Grimy irit 40 13,000 1,300 130 26
Grimy wergali
Grimy wergali 41 14,000 1,400 140 28
Grimy avantoe
Grimy avantoe 48 15,000 1,500 150 30
Grimy kwuarm
Grimy kwuarm 54 16,500 1,650 165 33
Grimy snapdragon
Grimy snapdragon 59 17,500 1,750 175 35
Grimy cadantine
Grimy cadantine 65 18,500 1,850 185 37
Grimy lantadyme
Grimy lantadyme 67 19,500 1,950 195 39
Grimy dwarf weed
Grimy dwarf weed 70 20,500 2,050 205 41
Grimy torstol
Grimy torstol 75 22,500 2,250 225 45


Cleaned herbs can be used on a Vial of water followed by a secondary ingredient (aka secondaries) to make a potion. Potions give more experience than cleaning herbs, although gaining secondary ingredients is often difficult and / or time-consuming. A player can gather secondary supplies from monster drops, or PvP drops. Most potions on Soulsplit have a use, but some potions may be bugged, rending them being useless.

The brewing process: Herbloreanime

List of potions

Potion Level  Herb Secondary
Attack potion (3) Attack potion 1 Guam Guam Eye of newt Eye of newt
Antipoison (3) Antipoison potion 5 Marrentill Marrentill Unicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust
Strength potion (3) Strength potion 12 Tarromin Clean tarromin Limpwurt root Limpwurt root
Serum 207 3 Serum 207 15 TarrominClean tarromin Ashes Ashes
Restore potion (3) Restore potion 22 Harralander Harralander Red spider's eggs Red spiders' eggs
Blamish oil Blamish oil 25 Harralander Harralander Blamish snail slime Blamish snail slime
Energy potion (3) Energy potion 26 Harralander Harralander Chocolate dust Chocolate dust
Defence potion (3) Defence potion 30 Ranarr Ranarr White berries White berries
Super fishing explosive Super fishing explosive 31 Guam Guam Rubium Rubium
Agility potion (3) Agility potion 34 ToadflaxToadflax Toad's legs Toad's legs
Combat potion (3) Combat potion 36 Harralander Harralander Goat horn dust Goat horn dust
Prayer potion (3) Prayer potion 38 Ranarr Ranarr Snape grass Snape grass
Summoning potion (3) Summoning potion 40 Spirit weed Spirit Weed Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg
Crafting potion (3) Crafting potion 42 WergaliWergali Frog spawn Frog spawn
Super attack (3) Super attack potion 45 Irit Irit Eye of newtEye of newt
Vial of stench Vial of annabelle swink 46 IritIrit Chopped onion Chopped onion
Super antipoison (3) Super antpoison potion 48 IritIrit Unicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust
Fishing potion (3) Fishing potion 50 Avantoe Avontoe Snape grass Snape grass
Super energy (3) Super energy potion 52 Avantoe Avontoe Mort myre fungus Mort myre fungus
Hunter potion (3) Hunter potion 53 Avantoe Avontoe Kebbit teeth dust Kebbit teeth dust
Super strength (3) Super strength potion 55 Kwuarm Kwuarm Limpwurt root Limpwurt root
Fletching potion (3) Fletching potion 58 Wergali Wergali Wimpy feather Wimpy feather
Weapon poison (3) Weapon poison 60 Kwuarm Kwuarm Dragon scale dust Dragon scale dust
Super restore (3) Super restore potion 63 Snapdragon Snap dragon Red spider's eggs Red spiders' eggs
Super defence (3) Super defence potion 65 CadantineGrimy cadantine White berries White berries
Antifire (3) Antifire potion 69 Lantadyme Lantadyme Dragon scale dust Dragon scale dust
Ranging potion (3) Ranging potion 72 Dwarf weed Dwarf weed Wine of zamorak Wine of zamorak
Magic potion (3) Magic potion 76 Lantadyme Lantadyme Potato cactus Potato cactus
Zamorak brew (3) Zamorak brew 78 Torstol Torstol Jangerberries Jangerberries
Saradomin brew (3) Saradomin brew 81 Toadflax Toadflax Crushed nest Crushed nest
Recover special (3) Special restore 84 Super energy potion (3) Energy potion (3) Papaya Papaya fruit
Super antifire Super antifire potion 85 Antifire potion (3)  Antifire (3) Phoenix feather Phoenix feather
Extreme attack (3) Extreme attack (3) 88 Super attack potion (3) Super attack (3) AvantoeAvontoe
Extreme strength (3) Extreme strength (3) 89 Super strength potion (3)  Super strength (3) Dwarf weed Dwarf weed
Extreme defence (3) Extreme defence (3) 90 Super defence potion (3)  Super defence (3) LantadymeLantadyme
Extreme magic (3) Extreme magic (3) 91 Magic potion (3)Magic potion (3) Ground mud runeGround mud runes
Extreme ranging (3) Extreme range potion (3) 92 Ranged potion (3)Ranging potion (3) Grenwall spikes x5 Grenwall spikes
Super prayer Super prayer potion 94 Prayer potion(3) Prayer potion (3) Bonemeal Bonemeal
Prayer renewal (4)
Prayer renewal 96 Clean fellstalk Fellstalk Morchella mushroom Morchella mushroom
Overload (3) Overload 96 Torstol Torstol Extreme attack potion (3) Extreme attack (3) Extreme strength potion (3) Extreme strength (3) Extreme defence potion (3)Extreme defence (3) Extreme magic potion (3) Extreme magic (3) Extreme ranged potion (3) Extreme ranging (3)

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