This article is about the Hunter skill. For information on how to train Hunter, see Hunter Training.

Hunter is a skill that enables a player to catch animals within Soulsplit. By using certain equipment and traps, one can catch animals such as ferrets, birds, and chinchompas.

Hunter is commonly recognized as a way to make money, due to Carnivorous (Red) chinchompas always being desired for training the Range skill. However, training Hunter is extremely time consuming.

Hunter Store

There are a variety of hunting equipment, all sold by Aleck. Aleck is located in the following locations:

  • Ape Atoll (west of the teleport spot)
  • Outside Bob's Axes in Lumbridge
  • South of Draynor bank
  • Edgeville Beside the bank.

Interact with Aleck to open the Hunter Store.

Hunter Store

Hunting Equipment and Uses

None of the clothing have a Hunter level requirement.

Equipment Name Use
Bird snare
Bird snare
Used to catch Crimson swifts and Copper longtails.
Butterfly net
Butterfly net
Used to catch butterflies and Implings.
Butterfly jar
Butterfly jar
Used to contain certain buttleflies.
Impling jar
Impling jar
Used to contain Implings.
Box trap
Box trap
Used to catch Chinchompas and Ferrets.
Larupia hat
Larupia hat
Cosmetic wear.
Larupia legs
Larupia legs
Cosmetic wear.
Larupia top
Larupia top
Cosmetic wear.
Kyatt hat
Kyatt hat
Cosmetic wear.
Kyatt legs
Kyatt legs
Cosmetic wear.
Kyatt top
Kyatt top
Cosmetic wear.
Grahkk headress
Graahk headdress
Cosmetic wear.
Grahkk legs
Graahk legs
Cosmetic wear.
Grahkk top
Graahk top
Cosmetic wear.
Spottier cape
Spottier cape
Cosmetic wear.
Spotted cape
Spotted cape

Cosmetic wear.

Hunter Level Requirements

Here is a table for commonly caught Hunter NPCs.

Birds, Ferrets, and Chinchompas

Image NPC Name Level XP
Crimson swift icon
Crimson swift 1 272
Copper longtail icon
Copper longtail 9 488
Ferret icon
Ferret 27


 Grey chinchompa 53 1,584
Red chinchompa
Carnivorous chinchompa 63



Image Creature Level (with butterfly net) Level (Without butterfly net)
Ruby harvest icon
Ruby harvest 15 80
Sapphire glacialis icon
Sapphire glacialis 25 85
Snowy knight icon
Snowy Knight 35 90
Black warlock icon
Black Warlock 45 95


Image Creature Level
Baby impling jar
Baby impling 17
Gourm' impling jar
Gourmet impling 28
Earth impling jar
Earth impling 36
Ess' impling jar
Essence impling 42
Eclectic impling jar
Eclectic impling 50
Spirit impling jar
Spirit impling 54
Nature impling jar
Nature impling 58
Magpie impling jar
Magpie impling 65
Ninja impling jar
Ninja impling 74
Pirate impling jar
Pirate impling 76
Dragon impling jar
Dragon impling 83
Zombie impling jar
Zombie impling 87
Kingly impling jar
Kingly impling 91

Hunter NPCs

There are a variety of NPCs that are caught via Hunter. Some are bundled within the same place, and some are placed far away in a remote location.

Crimson swifts - Level 1

Crimson swifts

Crimson swifts, located west from the Ape Atoll teleport spot.

Crimson swifts are located in Ape Atoll. To 

get there, the player must first teleport to Ape Atoll by using a normal Spell-book, then walk west from the teleport spot. Crimson swifts are caught using Bird snares.

Copper longtails - Level 9

Copper longtails are located between 

Copper longtails

Draynor Village and the Wizard's Tower. To get there, the player must walk south of Draynor Village's bank. One can get to Draynor Village's bank by simply choosing Draynor within the City Teleports. Copper longtails, like Crimson swifts, are caught using Bird snares.

Ferrets - Level 27


Ferrets are conveniently located within Copper longtails. They are a touch west from where a player will find Copper longtails, and are caught with Box traps.

Snowy White - Level 35 / 90

Snowy white

Snowy white's are located around the rock crabs training teleport. These at level 35 are caught with a net and a butterfly jar. At level 90 they can be caught bare-handed, the exp rate also increases when caught bare handed.

Black warlock - Level 45 / 95

Bblack warlocks

Black warlocks are located north of the lumbridge teleport. These at level 45 are caught with a net and butterfly jar. At level 95 they can be caught bare-handed, the exp rate also increases when caught bare handed.

(Grey) Chinchompas - Level 53

Chinchompas are located south-west of Castle Wars. One must walk a fair amount before seeing them. Be careful to not to get too close with the Castle Wars' walls, as it will teleport you back into Castle Wars. These are caught with box traps

(Red) Carnivorous chinchompas - Level 63

Carniverous chinchompas
Carnivorous chinchompas are located west of where Crimson swifts are located. They are on Ape Atoll. There are also some located near the Water Altar, within Lumbridge Swamp. These are caught with box traps


  • Up until an update all game modes (Sir / lord / legend / extreme) shared the same exp during hunter.

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