This page aims to help players level Hunter more efficiently and find locations for hunting throughout Soulsplit as well as some useful tips.


Hunter equipment wielded

Player weilding hunter equipment

is a non-combat skill that features players catching creatures all over Soulsplit. Using Hunting equipment bought from stores, players can hunt specific creatures depending on their level in the skill. The rewards from this skill are bones, butterflies, furs, and ultimately cash in the long run. However, many players consider this skill extremely time consuming. As you level up your Hunter, you're able to set down more traps.

Hunter Equipment

Hunter Store
There are a various amount of tools used for Hunter, all doing a different job for different creatures to be caught. Tools can be bought from Aleck; his equipment ranges from birdsnares to Hunting cosmetics.

Hunter Level Requirements


Image NPC Name Level
Crimson swift icon
Crimson Swift 1
Copper longtail icon
Copper Longtail 9


Image NPC Name Level
Ferret icon
Ferret 27


Image NPC Name Level
Chinchompa 53
Red chinchompa
Carniverous Chinchompa 63


Image Creature Level
Ruby harvest icon
Ruby Harvest 15
Sapphire glacialis icon
Sapphire Glacialis 25
Snowy knight icon
Snowy Knight 35
Black warlock icon
Black Warlock 95


Image Creature Level
Baby impling jar
Baby Impling 17
Gourm' impling jar
Gourmet Impling 28
Earth impling jar
Earth Impling 36
Ess' impling jar
Essence Impling 42
Eclectic impling jar
Eclectic Impling 50
Spirit impling jar
Spirit Impling 54
Nature impling jar
Nature Impling 58
Magpie impling jar
Magpie Impling 65
Ninja impling jar
Ninja Impling 74
Pirate impling jar
Pirate Impling 76
Dragon impling jar
Dragon Impling 83
Zombie impling jar
Zombie Impling 87
Kingly impling jar
Kingly Impling 91

Hunter Training - Recommended

Levels 1-9

Crimson swifts

Crimson swifts, located west from the Ape Atoll teleport spot.

A player can first train Hunter at Ape Atoll. A player can get there via the normal Spellbook. Crimson Swifts are located here; and one can catch them using a Bird snare.

Many players will note that it will take a long time to hunt your first few Crimson Swifts. Due to this, Hunting these birds may be fustrating for some players.

Aleck is also found here. Make sure to buy Bird snares before you start hunting Crimson Swifts.

Levels 9-27

Copper longtails

Copper longtails, located south of Draynor's bank.

After reaching a Hunter level of 9, a player can start catching Copper Longtails. Copper Longtails are located south of Draynor bank. They are also located south-west of Castle Wars, along with Grey Chinchompas. Again, one must use a Bird snare to hunt these birds.

Aleck is again found here. If you forget to bring hunting equipment, there is easy access due to Draynor's bank being very close by.

As you train and raise your Hunter level, you will find that you can place more then one Bird snare down. At a Hunter level of 20, you can place two traps down.

Levels 27-53


Ferrets, located right next to Copper longtails in Draynor.

Upon reaching a Hunter level of 27, one can start hunting Ferrets. Fortunately, they are located in the same place as Copper Longtails. However, you will need to use a Box trap to catch them instead of a Bird snare.

Ferrets have no actual value, as with them you cannot do anything besides release them. Many players also tend to complain about how tedious catching these are, as going from a Hunter level of 27 to 53 can take a long time.

If it helps, hunting with a friend or a group of people is advised, as it helps pass the time. Also remember that at level 40 Hunter you can place more traps.

Levels 53-63


Grey Chinchompas, located south-west of Castle Wars.

Grey Chinchompas are now available to be caught at a Hunter level of 53. Grey Chinchompas are located south-west of Castle Wars, which is accessible via the Minigames Teleports on any Spellbook. You will need a Box trap to catch them.

If you've hunted Copper Longtails in this location, you will know this location as well. There are many Chinchompas here to catch, so it will be easy to settle down and find a place. However, catching these can also be time consuming.

Make sure to bring your equipment beforehand, as Aleck isn't here.

Level 63-99

Carniverous chinchompas

Carnivorous chinchompas, located at the west end of Ape Atoll.

You can now catch Carnivorous Chinchompas (aka Red Chinchompas). Noting that Carnivorous Chinchompas are seeked by many players as a Range-training weapon, this is also a decent way to make some cash. Carnivorous Chinchompas are located at Ape Atoll, further west of where the Crimson swifts are. Carnivorous Chinchompas are caught by the use of a Box trap.

This is the longest part of training Hunter, as you have to go through over 30 levels if you plan to reach a Hunter level of 99. Determination and persistence is key.

Aleck is nearby, so if you have brough along some cash, you can buy your equipment here.

There are many Carnivorous Chinchompas located here, so there isn't a lack of space for training Hunter. However, there are bundles of Carnivorous Chinchompas located at the very west end of Ape Atoll.

There are also a number of Carnivorous Chinchompas located beside the Water Altar, located in Lumbridge Swamp.

Hunter Training - Other Methods


There are many butterflies around Soulsplit that can be caught by the use of a Butterfly net. You can also contain the butterflies in a Butterly jar, although there's no use in it.

Level Creature Location
15 Ruby Harvest Camelot
25 Sapphire Glacialis North Neitiznot
35 Snowy Knight Relakka
95 Black Warlock Lumbridge


With the use of an Impling jar, a player can catch varieties of Impings for potentially huge rewards. Implings are located randomly throughout SoulSplit, so there is no one place to train on them.

Level Creature
17 Baby Impling
28 Gourmet Impling
36 Earth Impling
42 Essence Impling
50 Eclectic Impling
54 Spirit Impling
58 Nature Impling
65 Magpie Impling
74 Ninja Impling
76 Pirate Impling
83 Dragon Impling
87 Zombie Impling
91 Kingly Impling


  • Although Implings can be caught, sometimes they will reward you with bugged items that cannot be dropped or banked.