Ice giant
Ice giant
Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 53
Monster HP 70
Always Drops Big bones
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Magic
Approximate Capture Kills 194
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon40
Examine text He's got icicles in his beard.

Ice giants are commonly killed as a Slayer task assignment. They are moderately weak, with a combat level of 53. It is advised to bring a Bonecrusher for prayer exp if you intend to defeat many of them, as they are guaranteed to drop Big bones.

It should be noted that Ice giants are not great for training combat skills, due to their low health and high level. They are able to deal substantial damage to players with a low Defence level.


Ice giants are located in the Medium level Slayer Dungeon. To access the Slayer Dungeon, select the Slayer dungeon via the spellbook's "Dungeon Teleport" option. 

From the teleport spot, a player will find Ice giants North-West of them near the Elves.

How to defeat

Ice Giants are weak to magic attacks, or to be more specific, fire spells. However, if use of Sir Owen's longsword (only available in mode: Extreme), is also another effective weapon to combat these creatures.

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
Big bonesBig bones 1 1 Always
Iron battleaxeIron battleaxe 1 2 Common
Iron platelegsIron platelegs 1 2 Common
Iron 2h swordIron 2h sword 1 2 Common
Steel axeSteel axe 1 2 Common
Steel swordSteel sword 1 2 Common
Black kiteshieldBlack kiteshield 1 2 Common
Water runeWater rune 12 2 Common
Mind runeMind rune 24 2 Common
Body runeBody rune 37 2 Common
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 37 2 Common
Marrentill seedMarrentill seed 1 2 Common
Tarromin seedTarromin seed 1 2 Common
CoinsCoins 1 2 Common
Mithril sq shieldMithril sq shield 1 4 Rare
Mithril maceMithril mace 1 4 Rare
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 5 4 Rare
Law runeLaw rune 3 4 Rare
Nature runeNature rune 6 4 Rare
Death runeDeath rune 6 4 Rare
Blood runeBlood rune 6 4 Rare
Strawberry seedStrawberry seed 1 4 Rare
Whiteberry seedWhiteberry seed 1 4 Rare
Limpwurt seedLimpwurt seed 1 4 Rare
Toadflax seedToadflax seed 1 4 Rare
Irit seedIrit seed 1 4 Rare
Dwarf weed seedDwarf weed seed 1 4 Rare
Ranarr seedRanarr seed 1 4 Rare
Kwuarm seedKwuarm seed 1 4 Rare
Watermelon seedWatermelon seed 1 4 Rare
Harralander seedHarralander seed 1 4 Rare
Jangerberry seedJangerberry seed 1 4 Rare
Wildblood seedWildblood seed 1 4 Rare
Mushroom sporeMushroom spore 1 4 Rare
Cactus seedCactus seed 1 4 Rare
Snapdragon seedSnapdragon seed 1 4 Rare
Lantadyme seedLantadyme seed 1 4 Rare
Belladonna seedBelladonna seed 1 4 Rare
Avantoe seedAvantoe seed 1 4 Rare
Poison ivy seedPoison ivy seed 1 4 Rare
Torstol seedTorstol seed 1 4 Rare
Spirit weed seedSpirit weed seed 1 4 Rare
Cadantine seedCadantine seed 1 4 Rare
BananaBanana 1 4 Rare
Jug of wineJug of wine 1 4 Rare
Mithril oreMithril ore 1 4 Rare
Cosmic talismanCosmic talisman 1 4 Rare

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