Ice warrior
Ice warrior
Monster Information
Attack Style Slash
Members? No
Combat level 57
Monster HP 60
Always Drops Runes, herbs, or seeds
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Unknown edit
Approximate Capture Kills Unknown edit
Capture Requirements Summoning-iconUnknown edit
Hunter-iconUnknown edit
Examine text A cold-hearted elemental warrior.

Ice warriors are translucent elemental knights occasionally given as a Slayer task.  They have no required Slayer level and rarely hit even when no protection prayers are employed against them.


Ice warriors are found in level 46 Wilderness, south of the Frost dragons near the Ice Plateau. You can be PKed while killing these monsters, so don't bring your best, most expensive gear.

They can be reached by using the coffins in Edgeville and selecting Ice plateau, then running west and south through the gate.

Beware of the Frost dragons near them, however, as Frost dragons are aggressive and can hit above 40 unless players wield either an anti-dragon shield or pray Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic.

Ice warrior loc


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