Infernal Mage
Infernal mage
Monster Information
Attack Style Magic
Members? No
Combat level 66
Monster HP 60
Always Drops Ashes
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Range
Approximate Capture Kills Unknown edit
Capture Requirements Summoning-iconUnknown edit
Hunter-iconUnknown edit
Examine text An evil magic user.

Infernal mages are low level slayer monsters found in the Slayer Tower on the second level, which can be accessed via the Training Teleport . They are valued for their infinity, mage's book and wand drops and are extremely easy to kill. With low defence, low hp, and a weakness to range, one can easily clear the floor before they respawn.

Drop List

Bold text
Item Quantity Rarity
Rune daggerRune dagger 1 2 Common
Rune spearRune spear 1 2 Common
Uncut diamondUncut diamond 1 2 Common
Uncut emeraldUncut emerald 1 2 Common
Uncut sapphireUncut sapphire 1 2 Common
Death runeDeath rune 25 2 Common
Blood runeBlood rune 20 2 Common
Nature runeNature rune 20 2 Common
Chaos runeChaos rune 20 2 Common
Law runeLaw rune 20 2 Common
Rune arrowRune arrow 50 2 Common
CoinsCoins 1,589 2 Common
CoinsCoins 1,892 2 Common
CoinsCoins 2,019 2 Common
Rune med helmRune med helm 1 2 Common
Water runeWater rune 100 2 Common
Mystic hatMystic hat 1 4 Rare
Mystic robe topMystic robe top 1 4 Rare
Mystic robe bottomMystic robe bottom 1 4 Rare
Mystic bootsMystic boots 1 4 Rare
Unholy bookUnholy book 1 4 Rare
Holy bookHoly book 1 4 Rare
Book of balanceBook of balance 1 4 Rare
Teacher wandTeacher wand 1 4 Rare
Master wandMaster wand 1 4 Rare
Mages' bookMages' book 1 4 Rare
Infinity topInfinity top 1 4 Rare
Infinity hatInfinity hat 1 4 Rare
Infinity bootsInfinity boots 1 4 Rare
Infinity glovesInfinity gloves 1 4 Rare
Infinity bottomsInfinity bottoms 1 4 Rare

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