Karamja is arguably the largest island in Gielinor located to the south of the main kingdoms of Asgarnia and Kandarin. The island contains mostly Jungle and Tropical geography. You can get to Karamja by using the "City Teleports" option in your spell book on the third page. 


Karamja seems to have little documented history, with virtually nothing known about Karamja during and especially prior to the God Wars. Broodoo victim's examine info may suggest that prior to its colonization, Karamja was overrun with savages who partook in deadly murderous rituals to their gods. This process is much like the Aztec blood sacrifices. The examine info is as such: A victim of an ancient murderous tribal ritual. His skin has turned a sickly colour.Due to its distance from civilization, during the God Wars, Karamja was used by many to imprison powerful beings such as Nezikchened. In recent years, Karamja has become a major fishing area and a fairly convenient docking point for ship travel between Eastern and Western Gielinor, such as from areas like Port Sarim to areas like East Ardougne.

What will you find in Karamja?

Karamja on SoulSplit hardly contains anything useful besides the Brimhaven Gold Ore Horseshoe. Using this Mining method, you can get up to four million experience per hour. That's if you decide to drop the ores. 

Brimhaven Horseshoe

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