Easter evil tree kindling detail
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? Yes
Examine text It's a kindling.
Easter evil tree kindling detail

Kindling is a form of currency obtained by chopping Evil Trees. It can be traded in with the Leprechaun, who spawns when the tree has been completed. It is traded for rewards such as Logs, Coins, and Woodcutting experience.

Kindling can be collected over time by cutting multiple Evil Trees. This allows users to gain large amounts of the rewards, instead of receiving minor amounts repeatedly. The rewards correspond to the amount of Kindling turned in; the more turned in, the more rewards.

Players receive a variety of Logs from cutting Evil Trees. These include:

  • Magic Logs
  • Yew Logs
  • Willow Logs

Due to its untradeable nature, Kindling can only be obtained from participating in this Distraction and Diversion.

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