King Black Dragon
Monster Information
Also called KBD
Attack Style Melee & Magic
Members? No
Combat level 276
Monster HP 240
Always Drops Charm (variants), Black Dragon Leather

and Dragon Bones.

Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Ranged and Stab
Approximate Capture Kills 864
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon99
Examine text It's a King Black Dragon.

This is the King of all dragons. The King Black Dragon (KBD) has three heads, and is very powerful. He is able to be captured via bolt pouch after 864 kills, with a requirement of 99 Summoning and Hunter. He uses 3 different dragonfire attacks: Blue - A freezing attack which freezes the player and renders them unable to attack for 3 seconds. Orange - a regular dragonfire attack which can deal heavy damage. Green - A poisonous attack which can also deal significant damage.


  • The KBD often attacks with magic; so it is strongly advised that protect against/deflect magic prayers are used when fighting him.
  • It is recommended to bring magic resistant armor such as dragonhide armor when fighting him, due to its relative affordability. 
  • The KBD, along with most other Dragons, is susceptible to ranged and stab attack. Thus it is highly recommended that the player implements a ranged approach, or for melee, the use of inexpensive stab weapons.
  • An anti-dragon/dragonfire shield or anti-fire potion is absolutely necessary when fighting the KBD in order to negate the massive damage he can deal through dragonfire attacks.
  • Use of Saradomin brews is also strongly advised, as well as a good stock of high healing food (Sharks or better).
  • As the KBD's lair is multi-combat, it is also advised that familiars are used for either combat or beasts of burden.


  • To get to the KBD's lair, go to the "Dungeon Teleport" and click "King Black Dragon(Wild)". After you have teleported to the Wilderness, enter through the gate and go down the ladder, after which you must pull the lever to reach the KBD. Be Warned! You WILL be teleported to the Wilderness initially so be aware of possible Pkers.


  • Sometimes players can get glitched in the cave and cannot pull the lever in the KBD's tunnel or at the Mage Bank (And anywhere else that has lever teleportation), resulting in a message saying "Please try to pick the lock." There is currently no fix for this bug.
  • KBD can only be captured by members since the update of 11/03/2014.
  • During early June 2014, it was said that Mod Bando changed the KBD lair into Non-wilderness area as it was suppose to be.
  • While doing Black Dragon slayer task, killing KBD also contributes towards the kills.

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