Loyalty Points are rewarded to the player for using a Reward token, and by donating. For every vote token used, the player will receive 1,000 Loyalty Points as a non-member, and 1,500 as a donator. Each time you purchase an item from donating, you receive Loyalty Points based on the amount of credits that the item costs. Loyalty Points can be exchanged at Xuan for the items within his shop.

Xuan's Loyalty Point Shop

Xuan is located in the Falador Party Room. Rewards from the Loyalty shop include cosmetic clothing for players to wear. The shop is no longer different depending on if your character is male or female. 

Item Cost of Loyalty Points
Serjeant set 5,000 each piece
Commander set 7,500 each piece
War-chief set 10,000 each piece
Lord Marshal set 15,000 each piece

Note: All of these items are untradeable, but can be obtained multiple times. The items are considered costumes, and do not give any bonuses.



New Male Loyalty Point Shop

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