• Lumbridge Sage: Welcome to Soulsplit, [your username]! I am the Lumbridge Sage, I've traveled up here to welcome newcomers to the game. Are you interested in learning about Soulsplit?
    • Choose: Yes, let's get started!
      • Lumbridge Sage: This is the town of Varrock. It's the main town where players come to trade, chat, and interact with other players. There are various shops here where you can buy supplies and equipment.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Edgeville) This is the town of Edgeville. It's the most common place to PK, as the wilderness is just north of us.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is south of Edgeville bank) This is just south of Edgeville bank, where you can use these coffins to teleport into the deep wilderness. Deep wilderness PKing is a great way to earn loot.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Lumbridge) This is Lumbridge, my home town! This is where you can find various NPCs such as Wise Old Man, Sir Kay, and you can even acess Dungeoneering and the Yak training area from here.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Ardougne) This is the city of Ardougne. Here you can thieve from many stalls and earn cash and items as rewards. There is also a bank just south from here.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Catherby) This is a small town called Catherby. You can fish, cook, and train your skills quite easily here.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Duel Arena) This is the Duel Arena! Here you can duel others, and stake items to increase your wealth!
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Castle Wars) This is the Castle Wars minigame! You can play with groups of other players. There are two teams and the winning team wins tickets that you can use to claim prizes from Lanthus.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Clan Wars) This is the Clan Wars minigame. Here you can go to war with other clans to see who is most powerful.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is next to Rock Crabs) These are Rock Crabs. Low-level monsters that give a lot of experience! They are quick and easy for training.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is in Mage Bank lobby) This is the Mage Bank lobby, where you can use that level down there to enter the deep wilderness and PK with other players.
      • Lumbridge Sage: (player is back in Varrock Square) Well, [username], that concludes the basics of the game! Once again, welcome to Soulsplit, it's a pleasure to have you! Click 'Continue' to claim your starter kit.
    • Choose: No, let me play.
        • [Player gets starter kit] [Player has to select a mode]

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