Lunar Isle

Lunar Isle

Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 1 (Lunar Altar)
Points of Interest Lunar Altar, Slayer, & Shops.
Accessibility Speak with Sailor or Lumbridge Sage -> Select Lunar Isle
300px-Lunar Isle map

Map of Lunar Isle

Lunar isles transport


Lunar Isle is an island that can only be accessed by teleporting to it. This location can be used as a home location by speaking with the Sailor in Edgeville. Lunar Isle is mainly used for accessing the vote shop, changing spellbook to Lunars, training RunecraftingSlayer and Dungeoneering. Therefore, Lunar Isle is not a heavily populated area.

Points of Interest


Players can go to this location to change their spellbook to Lunars.


Players can train any Combat related skill such as Summoning and also non related skills such as Runecrafting, Slayer and Dungeoneering.


There are several shops located in Lunar Isle. 

Lunar Spellbook

Outside the city, players may access the Astral Altar for changing spell books or crafting Astral Runes.

Slayer NPCs

West of the altar, Abyssal Minions, Dark Beasts, and Green Dragons await the players. When other areas are populated, players will resort to Lunar Isle to complete their Slayer task or kill them for their loots.

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