Magic boxes are items that can give a player the suggested items of a certain combat skill. It is sold for 650,000gp in Giles' shop. Most of the time, players use this item for getting the Ancient staff item as there are no guaranteed ways of getting it as a drop. 

Magic box
Magic box inv
AKA? Mage box
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a magic box.
Magic box detail

Ranging Set

Ranging set

This set includes the following items:

Maging/Melee Set

This set includes the following items:

  • Rock climbing boots
  • Spirit shield
  • Black d'hide body
  • Dragon spear
  • Rune platelegs


  • Many players use this item as a high risk item in PvP worlds, due to it's value being over 500k.
  • Many PvP clans require members to own multiple magic boxes as a quick way to obtain cheap armour if members are needed to jump back into action.

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