Melee is one of the three Combat classes that can be used in Soulsplit

Melee is the most often used Combat class in Soulsplit. Players need this to train their Defence, Attack and Strength. This class is also used in PvM to fight bosses and monsters, and in PvP to fight players. Melee focuses on hand to hand combat using swords and shields. Melee armour tends to have huge defence bonuses, but often has a negative bonus to Magic.

The Melee combat class typically uses the Chop (attack xp), Slash (strength xp), Lunge (shared xp), and Block (defense xp). Mauls on the other hand offers Pound (attack xp), Pummel (strength xp) and Block (defense xp).


Dragon Claws 

Dragon claws

Even faster than Daggers, Dragon Claws are mostly used for their special attack, because it can hit up to 4 times (50% drain). The only downside is that Dragon Claws are less accurate and can't be poisoned like daggers can.


Drag Dagger(p++)

The fastest Melee weapons in the game, the most common used dagger is the Dragon dagger mainly because of its unique special attack (25% drain). It is often used in PvP and PvM situations.


Abyssal vine whip (blue)

=== Whips are a special weapon because they have high strength and fast attack speed. their speed is close to or on par with daggers.===

2H swords


One of the strongest Melee weapons, but there is a disadvantage to this. They are slow, when used as a main weapon your enemy can hit up to 2 times faster.

Sir Owen's Longsword

Despite its name this sword is not for sirs but rather for the extreme mode. This is the fastest melee weapon in the game.


Melee armour has good Defence bonuses against Ranged, but are weak against Magic attacks.

Torva equipment

Torva armour male

The strongest Melee equipment in game along with Vanguard.  It has very good Attack and Defense bonuses against Melee and Ranged attacks.

Bandos equiptment

The Bandos chestplate and Bandos tassets (legs) are commonly used for their high strength and defensive bonus. Bandos provides good stats for players that aren't able to afford more expensive armor like Torva.