Mind rune
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Credit Price? 4 999
Examine text It's a mind rune
Mind runes are used in the Magic skill for many spells in the Lunar Spellbook and in the Standard spellbook.

How to Obtain

  • Mind runes are dropped by a large amount of monsters.
  • Buy them from other players or Zaff the Magic shop owner.
  • Use the Runecrafting skill to craft them.
  • Buy from other players
  • Buy with credits from Soulsplit shop


Mind Runes are currently used for defensive or low levelling magical attacks. Between level 1 to 13 magic they are used for the Basic levelled Spells such as wind strike, water strike, earth strike and fire strike dealing low damage in both pvm and pk situations.

On the Lunars Spellbook, they can be used to cast defensive spells which either buff player statistics or have effects which help players both in and out of combat. It should be noted however that most Lunar Spells have not been fully added to the game and thus either do not work properly or do not work at all.


Mind runes are needed in certain combat spells and some other non-combat spells.

Spells Spell-book
Wind Strike Standard
Water Strike Standard
Earth Strike Standard
Fire Strike Standard
Magic Dart Standard
Monster Examine Lunars


Some spells may not work. This will be fixed in a later update.

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