Certain NPC's on the list are only accessible by members, due to their locations. The locations available exclusively to members include: Braindeath Island, Meiyerditch Dungeon, all resource dungeons, and the Members Cave.

To find a certain NPC on the list, please press Crtl+F (command+F on Macs), and enter the name of the Monster.

If the monster cannot be found on the list below, look on the link posted here:

Monster Location Guide
Monster Location
Aberrant Spectre Second floor Slayer Tower (Nose peg required)
Abyssal Demon Top floor Slayer Tower
Abyssal Demon Top floor Slayer Tower
Abyssal Guardian Abyss
Abyssal Leech Abyss
Abyssal Walker Abyss
Adamant Dragon Brimhaven Resource Dungeon
Agrith-Naar Recipe of Disaster (Boss)
Ahrim the Blighted Barrows (Minigame)
Animated Adamant armour Warriors Guild
Animated Black armour Warriors Guild
Animated Iron armour Warriors Guild
Animated Mithril armour Warriors Guild
Animated Rune armour Warriors Guild
Animated Spade Chaos Tunnels
Animated Steel armour Warriors Guild
Aquanite Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Arzinian Avatar of Magic Wilderness, Lava Island
Arzinian Avatar of Ranging Wilderness, Lava Island
Arzinian Avatar of Strength Wilderness, Lava Island
Astea Frostweb Dungeoneering (Boss)
Avatar of Creation Soul Wars (Minigame)
Avatar of Destruction Soul Wars (Minigame)
Aviansie Godwars Dungeon
Baby Blue Dragon Taverly Dungeon
Baby Black Dragon Chaos Tunnels
Balfrug Kreeyath Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Bandit Bandit camp
Banshee First floor Slayer Tower (Earmuffs required)
Barbarian Barbarian Village
Barbarian Spirit Ancient Cavern
Barrelchest Members Cave
Basilisk Rellekka Slayer Dungeon (Mirror shield required)
Brine Rat Braindeath Island (First Floor)
Brutal Green Dragon Ancient Cavern
Black Demon Taverly Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon
Big Wolf Chaos Tunnels
Black Dragon Taverly Dungeon, Taverly Resource Dungeon
Bloodveld Second floor Slayer Tower
Blue Dragon Taverly Dungeon, Taverly Resource Dungeon
Bork Chaos Tunnels
Bree Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Bronze Dragon Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels
Brutal Green Dragon Forbidden Liar
Carnivorous Chinchompa Lumbridge Swamp, Ape Atoll
Cave Bug Slayer Caves
Cave Crawler Slayer Caves, Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Cave Horror Members cave, Braindeath Island (Witchwood icon required)
Cave Slime Slayer Caves
Chaos Druid Taverly Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon
Chaos Druid Warrior Edgeville Dungeon Resource dungeon
Chaos Dwarf Taverly Dungeon
Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneer Dwarven Mines
Chicken Sage's Safe Training
Chronozon Edgeville Dungeon
Cockatrice Rellekka Slayer Dungeon (Mirror Shield required)
Commander Zilyana Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast (Dungeon Teleport)
Count Draynor Draynor Mansion (Quest Boss)
Cow Lumbridge
Crawling Hand First floor Slayer Tower
Crocodile East of bandit camp by the River
Culinaromancer Recipe of Disaster (Boss)
Cyclops Warriors Guild
Dagannoth Dagganoth Cave (Games Necklace Teleport)
Dagannoth Prime Waterbirth Dungeon
Dagannoth Rex Waterbirth Dungeon
Dagannoth Supreme Waterbirth Dungeon
Dagon'hai Monk Chaos Tunnels
Dark Beast Kuradal's Dungeon
Deadly Red Spider Chaos Tunnels, Edgeville dungeon
Defiler Pest Control (Minigame)
Desert Strykewyrm South of Bandit Camp
Dessourt Recipe of Disaster (Boss)
Dharok the Wretched Barrows
Dire Wolf Chaos Tunnels
Dramen Tree Spirit Entrana (Quest Boss)
Dust Devil Smoke Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels (Face mask required)
Earth Warrior Edgeville Dungeon
Elf Warrior Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon
Experiment Experiments
Fever Spider Braindeath Island (Bottom Floor) (Slayer gloves required)
Fire Giant Smoke Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels, Down the staircase South-East of the Mage Arena
Flambeed Recipe for Disaster (Boss)
Flight Kilisa Godwars Dungeon (Armadyl)
Flockleader Geerin Godwars Dungeon (Armadyl)
Frost Dragon Spirit Dungeon, Ice Plateau (Coffin Teleport), Members Cave Resource Dungeon, Down the staircase South-East of the Mage Arena
Gargoyle Top floor Slayer Tower (Rock hammer required)
Gelatinnoth Mother Recipe of Disaster (boss)
General Graardor Godwars Dungeon (Bandos)
Ghost Taverly Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon
Giant Bat Taverly Dungeon, North-East of Mage Arena (WILDERNESS)
Giant Rat Edgeville Dungeon
Giant Rock crab Chaos Tunnels
Glacor Glacor Lair
Goblin Lumbridge
Greater Demon Wilderness (Coffin teleport)
Green Dragon Neitiznot North, Ice Plateau (Coffin Teleport), Wilderness, Chaos Tunnels
Growler Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Guard Varrock, Ardougne, Falador
Guthan the Infested Barrows (Minigame)
Harpie Bug Swarm Brimhaven Dungeon (Bug lantern required)
Hellhound Taverly Dungeon, North-East of Mage Arena (WILDERNESS)
Hero Ardougne
Hill Giant Taverly Dungeon, Hill Giants, Hill Giants Resource Dungeon
Hobgoblin Members Cave, Godwars Dungeon
I don't remember my name Dungeoneering (Boss)
Ice giant Chaos Tunnels
Ice Strykewyrm Strykewyrm Cave
Ice Troll Chaos Tunnels
Ice Warrior Ice Plateau (Coffin Teleport)
Infernal Mage Second floor Slayer Tower, Wilderness
Iron Dragon Brimhaven Dungeon
Jelly Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Jungle Strykewyrm South of Castle Wars
K'ril Tsutsaroth Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Kal'Ger the Warmonger Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Kalphite Queen Al-Kharid Desert (North of the Al-Kharid Bandits, West of Shantay pass)
Kamil Dungeoneering (Boss)
Karamel Recipe of Disaster (Boss)
Karil the Tainted Barrows (Minigame)
Ket-Zek TzHaar-cave (Minigame)
Killerwatt Interdimensional rift in Draynor Village
King Black Dragon King Black Dragon Lair
Knight of Ardougne Ardougne
Knight of Saradomin Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Kree'arra Godwars Dungeon (Armadyl)
Kurask Rellekka Slayer Dungeon (Leaf-bladed spear, Broad arrows, Slayer staff, or Leaf-bladed sword required)
Lesser Demon Taverly Dungeon, Karamja Volcano, Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon
Lost Barbarian Ancient Cavern
Magic Axe Taverly Dungeon
Man Lumbridge, North of the Edgeville bank inside the Building
Market Guard Draynor Village
Mithril Dragon Ancient Cavern, Brimhaven Resource Dungeon
Mighty Banshees Pollnivneach Dungeon
Monkey Guard Ape Atoll
Moss Giant Brimhaven Dungeon
Mutated Bloodveld Meiyerditch Dungeon
Mutated Jadinko Baby Meiyerditch Dungeon
Mutated Jadinko Guard Meiyerditch Dungeon
Mutated Jadinko Male Meiyerditch Dungeon
Nechryael Top Floor of the Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnels
Nomad Voting Lair (Dungeon Teleports)
Nex Nex Lair
Obsidian Dragon Brimhaven Resource Dungeon
Pest Queen Pest Queen (Dungeon Teleports)
Delrith Dungeoneering (Boss)
Poison Spider Chaos Tunnels
Pyrefiend Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Ram Lumbridge Yaks
'Rum'-Pumped Crab Braindeath Island
Runic Dragon Brimhaven Resource Dungeon
Red Dragon Brimhaven Dungeon, Taverly Resource Dungeon
Revenant Cyclops Wilderness
Revenant Dark Beast Wilderness
Revenant Demon Wilderness
Revenant Dragon Wilderness
Revenant Goblin Wilderness
Revenant Hellhound Wilderness
Revenant Hobgoblin Wilderness
Revenant Icefiend Wilderness
Revenant Imp Wilderness
Revenant Knight Wilderness
Revenant Ork Wilderness
Revenant Pyrefiend Wilderness
Revenant Vampyre Wilderness
Revenant Werewolf Wilderness
Rock Crab Sage's Safe Training, Fermennik province (Rock Crabs)
Rockslug Slayer Caves, Rellekka Slayer Dungeon (Bag of salt required)
Saradomin Priest Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Sergeant Grimspike Godwars Dungeon (Bandos)
Sergeant Steelwill Godwars Dungeon (Bandos)
Sergeant Strongstack Godwars Dungeon (Bandos)
Shadow Spider Chaos Tunnels
Shadow Hound Chaos Tunnels
Shifter Pest Control (Minigame)
Skeletal Hand Meiyerditch Dungeon
Skeletal Wyvern Members Cave (Elemental Shield required)
Skeleton Taverly Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon, Karamja Volcano
Skeleton Thug Ancient Cavern
Skeleton Warlord Ancient Cavern
Spinner Pest Control (Minigame)
Spiritual Mage Godwars Dungeon
Spiritual Ranger Godwars Dungeon
Spiritual Warrior Godwars Dungeon
Splatter Pest Control (Minigame)
Starlight Godwars Dungeon (Saradomin)
Steel Dragon Brimhaven Dungeon, Brimhaven Resource Dungeon
Terrance the Rage Dungeoneering (Boss)
Torag the Corrupted Barrows (Minigame)
Torcher Pest Control (Minigame)
Tormented Demon Zanaris, Spirit Dungeon, Down the staircase South-East of the Mage Arena
Turoth Rellekka Slayer Dungeon (Leaf-bladed spear, Broad arrows, Slayer staff, or Leaf-bladed sword required)
TzTok-Jad TzHaar caves (Minigame)
Unicorn Edgeville/Barbarian Village
Vampyre Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Verac the Defiled Barrows (Minigame)
Waterfiend Ancient Cavern
Werewolf Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Wild Dog Brimhaven Dungeon
Yak Lumbridge, Neitiznot South, Neitiznot North
Zakl'n Gritch Godwars Dungeon (Zamorak)
Zamorak Mage Chaos Tunnels
Zamorak Ranger Chaos Tunnels
Zamorak Warrior Chaos Tunnels
Zombie Edgeville Dungeon
Zombie Champion Members Cave
Zombie Hand Meiyerditch Dungeon

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