The Morrigan's set is a high tier range set that can only acquired as a rare drop from the Wilderness Avatars. To add to its rarity, it begins degrading as soon as it is first worn, and will turn to dust after one hour of combat (Similar to Vesta's Equipment). It is rarely traded, and often times Pernix, Void (range), and Armadyl armor sets are used for range set ups due to either being repairable or non-degradable. However the weapons for this set (Morrigan's Javelin and Throwing Axe) are often used by Pkers due to their high damage output and special attack. In addition to regular Morrigan's Equipment, there exists a corrupt version that lasts for only 30 minutes after first being worn, including time spent out of combat. 

Armour and Weapon parts

Morrigan's Equipment set consists of three pieces of armor, and two weapons:

  • Morrigan's Coif
  • Morrigan's Leather Body
  • Morrigan's Leather Chaps
  • Morrigan's Javelin
  • Morrigan's Throwing Axe


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