Mutated jadinko guard
Mutated jadinko guard
Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 145
Monster HP 3,450
Always Drops Nothing
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? Stab, Slash
Approximate Capture Kills 512
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon80
Examine text "It's a Mutated jadinko guard."

The Mutated Jadinko guard currently resides inside the Forbidden Lair.

Jadinko guard is the second to last tier of Jadinko inside the cave. This monster is sought after due to it dropping the expansion to the normal whip, the whip vine and is killed by mainly mid-leveled players that do not want to face the Mutated jadinko male. Due to the Jadinko guard having extremely low accuracy, there is no need to bring much food to use while fighting them.

Due to its lower health, players are able to kill this monster in relatively low amounts of time, making the drop rate of 1:319 ideal for players to make money.


It is recommended to bring your best offensive type gear to kill the Jadinko faster.

Make sure to include either the legend's cape or fire cape or kiln cape to ensure effective killing.

Using an amulet of fury will ensure that you will be offensively ready to kill these monsters.

Since the ring of wealth raises the chance of dropping the whip vine it is recommended to bring this along. If looking for more of an offensive bonus, use a warriors ring, archer ring, seers ring, or berserker ring (i).

If using the shield slot, using the dragonfire shield or dragon defender is highly recommended.

Using the best gloves you can get is essential for this setup. Use barrows gloves or brawling gloves (melee).

For the weapon slot it is recommended to use any chaotic, abyssal whip or the whip's variant, the vine whip.


  • This monster almost constantly hits 0's
  • There is somewhat of a need for prayer or food
  • This monster only attacks with melee
  • This monster is non-aggressive

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
ExcrescenceExcrescence 5 2 Common
Mutated vineMutated vine 4 2 Common
Magic logsMagic logs 10 2 Common
SagaieSagaie 5 2 Common
Whip vineWhip vine 1 4 Rare

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