Mutated jadinko male
Mutated jad male
Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 201
Monster HP 3,600
Always Drops Nothing
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? Stab, Slash
Approximate Capture Kills 686
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon99
Examine text "It's a Mutated jadinko male."

The Mutated Jadinko male currently resides inside the Forbidden Lair.

Jadinko male is the highest tier of Jadinko inside the cave. The Combat Level of 201 intimidates the lower level players, but in actuality any player can attack Jadinko males. This monster is sought after due to it dropping the expansion to the normal Whip, the Vine whip. Because Jadinko males have extremely low accuracy, there is no need to bring any food to use while fighting them. But it is recommended to bring some food to heal if the Brutal Green Dragon does attack you.


It is recommended to bring your best offensive type gear to kill the Jadinko faster.

Make sure to include either the Cape of legends or Fire cape to ensure effective killing.

Using an Amulet of fury will ensure that you will be offensively ready to kill these monsters. An Amulet of strength or an Amulet of glory are both cheaper alternatives for less wealthy players.

Since the Ring of wealth raises the chance of dropping the Vine whip it is recommended to bring this along. If looking for more of an offensive bonus, use, Warriors ring, Archer ring, Seers ring, or Berserker ring (i).

If using the shield/offhand slot, using the Dragonfire shield or Dragon defender is highly recommended.

Using the best gloves you can get is essential for this setup. Use Barrows Gloves or Brawling gloves (melee).

For the mainhand slot, you're recommended to use any Chaotic or to use a Whip or it's Vine whip variant. If none of these items are available to you, a Dragon scimitar is a cheap alternative.


  • This monster constantly hits 0's, due to its low accuracy.
  • Therefore, there is actually no need for prayer or food.
  • This monster only attacks with melee.
  • This monster is non-aggressive.


Item Quantity Rarity
ExcrescenceExcrescence 5 2 Common
Mutated vineMutated vine 4 2 Common
Magic logsMagic logs 10 2 Common
SagaieSagaie 10 2 Common
Whip vineWhip vine 1 4 Rare

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