Mystery box

Mystery box
Mystery box small
AKA? Mbox
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 5,999
Examine text It's a Mystery box.
Mystery boxes are one of the original gambling items, which give the player the opportunity to acquire rare items. Most of the time, the boxes are not even used but are traded so players do not have to carry around its monetary value around with them.  

What Can They Yield?

Soulsplit - Opening 8 Mystery Boxes00:36

Soulsplit - Opening 8 Mystery Boxes

From 818silencer818

Inside the boxes, a player can receive any type of item, ranging from ashes to the coveted Christmas cracker. The chances for the Mystery Box to rollout a rare item are very slim, resulting in tons of worthless items into the game. This is another reason why the players decide to just use the box as a monetary item.

Soulsplit developer Jayarrowz released a list detailing all of the available items in the Mystery box in this forum topic, with the odds of receiving each item based on the number of items shown; that is, the less items there are, the less chance you will receive that item from a Mystery box.


There are three ways to obtain a Mystery Box:

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