Normal spell book

Normal Spellbook

The Normal spellbook is the default spellbook assigned to each player. The spellbook consists of many useful combat spells, however rarely used due to their low damage and inaccuracy. The spellbook is most commonly used in PvP for the spell Teleblock and in magic training for the spell High Alchemy. There is no altar for this spellbook. In order to change back to the normal spellbook, you must pray at either the Lunar or Ancient altar.


The spellbook is required to be used when first starting magic training due to the high level requirements of the Lunar spellbook and the Ancient spellbook. After achieving a higher level in magic, this spellbook can be used to enchant jewelry, which can create useful items such as phoenix necklaces.


  • Although it is against the rules, this spellbook is often used for away from keyboard (AFK) training by splashing on a monster for long periods of time.

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