Odd lamp
Odd lamp
AKA? Odd(s)
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine text It's an odd lamp.

The Odd lamp is a relatively new item to the world of Soulsplit. Its effect is one similar to the effect of an antique lamp which gives you experience per use. However the Odd lamp gives exp that raises based on your level in a particular skill rather than a set amount based on mode as with the Antique lamp.

The Odd lamp is a reward from the Castle Wars mini-game, and Soul wars mini-game costing the player one Castle Wars Ticket or one Zeal.

Odd lamps are often used by players playing on the extreme game mode, as one finds doing Castle wars or Soul wars more enjoyable than doing other skills for example Dungeoneering. It's also said that for particular skills it's faster to obtain and use Odd lamps instead of doing the skill.

Experience Gained

Level 1 to 56 - No experience gained from an odd lamp

Level 56 to 95 - 17,960 Experience

Level 95 to 98 - 28,800 Experience

Level 98 to 99 - 30,280 Experience


  • The Odd lamp and Antique lamp are very similar in appearance. When the Odd lamp was first released it was used as a scam item due to players saying this was the Antique lamp.
  • The Odd lamp was introduced with the Soul Wars update.
  • Odd lamps now properly work for every skill
  • Odd lamps originally cost around 10m -15m however with a recent Castle wars update they crashed, and since then have been made un-tradeable
  • Many players on the extreme mode have started using odd lamps as a cheap means to level stats and this has caused the price of it's counterpart, the antique lamp to crash.

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