The Old Slayer Reward shop is owned by Vannaka, who resides in various locations such as Rellekka, northern Lumbridge, eastern Falador, and Lunar Isle. Various items in the store are sold, such as Runecrafting staves, Farming seeds, among others. All items in the store are purchased with Slayer points (SP).


Since the Slayer update of March 3, 2015, two new Slayer Reward shops have been introduced; one for solo tasks and one for team tasks. As a result, Slayer points earned from any task can only go towards purchasing rewards from the new stores, thus discontinuing the acquisition of points towards purchasing rewards from the Old Slayer Reward shop.

Players still possess any Old Slayer points they had remaining and may purchase using those points until they run out.


Old slayer reward shop
Item image Item name Number in stock Price sold at
Slayer helmet 1000 SP
Broad-tipped bolts 1 SP
Law staff 100 SP
Nature staff 100 SP
Battle hood 100 200 SP
Battle robe bottom 100 250 SP
Battle robe top 100 300 SP
Redberry seed 1 SP
Cadavaberry seed 1 SP
Dwellberry seed 1 SP
Jangerberry seed 1 SP
Whiteberry seed 1 SP
Poison ivy seed 1 SP
Cactus seed 1 SP
Apple tree seed 1 SP
Banana tree seed 1 SP
Orange tree seed 1 SP
Curry tree seed 1 SP
Pineapple seed 1 SP
Calquat tree seed 1 SP
Willow seed 1 SP
Maple seed 1 SP
Yew seed 1 SP
Magic seed 20 SP
Ranarr seed 1 SP
Toadflax seed 1 SP
Avantoe seed 1 SP
Kwuarm seed 1 SP
Snapdragon seed 1 SP
Cadantine seed 1 SP
Lantadyme seed 1 SP
Dwarf weed seed 1 SP
Torstol seed 1 SP
Fellstalk seed 1 SP
Papaya tree seed 20 SP
Ring of wealth 100 SP

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